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A Tale of Two Bodies

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Calgary Massage Therapist Chronic Back Pain & Dental Orthotics Therapy Article

It would be easy to be depressed today. It’s almost the end of April and it’s snowing outside! Nevertheless, I’m excited to get to the clinic and see what the day has in store for me.

Last week was a big week at the clinic. We had some exciting successes. One case that I have talked about recently, a scoliosis case, had a major breakthrough last week! 67-year-old male with chronic back pain. He was already making decent improvements and quite happy, but this is what happened last week:

The top image was taken April 15th and the bottom one was taken April 20th. If I did not have personal involvement with this case I would have been very skeptical that such change would be possible with a 67-year-old patient, … let alone in less than one week! I cut the original scan results page down to show just the before and after images, in order to improve their clarity. I can go back to using the original document, which includes the dates and the short list of alignment metrics, if you prefer that.

Just to be clear, this degree of alignment improvement is NOT typical. Has this nearly miraculous improvement in spinal alignment dramatically improved this gentleman’s quality of life? Is he moving better and feeling better? He says that he is. I have to admit that this scan comparison “made my week”.

Another exciting scan comparison was from another patient who I’ve written about before. She is 48 years old and an extremely complex case. She’s been battling chronic pain, including debilitating headaches, for many years. We’ve been working with her for approximately six months as part of a multi-disciplinary case study. Dr. Curtis Westersund DDS is working to optimize the patient’s bite and Dr. Jeff Scholten DC is working to optimize the position and function of C1 (the top bone in the neck). How fair is that? They are each in charge of one bone while Claudia and I are responsible for sorting out everything else! All joking aside, it is an honour and a pleasure to be collaborating with these experts.

Do you want to see what this patient’s most recent scan comparison looks like?

These scans were done on April 20th. The top image is with the patient wearing her dental orthotic. The bottom image was taken without the dental orthotic in place. Isn’t that amazing?! Notice how, not only is her spine straighter when she is wearing the dental orthotic, but when she removes the orthotic the right side of her pelvis and her right shoulder become lower than the left side.

This patient used to have chronic, debilitating headaches all the time, and now has the occasional headache-free day! She’s got a long way to go before she is as pain-free or as physically active as any of us want, but she has come a very long way in the past 6 months.

If either of these cases reminds you of yourself, or someone you care about, reach out to Claudia or myself at A 15 minute Discovery Session is a complimentary opportunity for us to see whether or not your case is a good fit for us and the Alignment First Protocol ©.

It’s a beautiful life and far too short to spend time grappling with chronic pain. Give us a call and let’s see if we can get you your life back!

Yours in health,

Geoff Dakin BPE RMT
Calgary Registered Massage Therapist


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