A personal message from biomechanical expert, Geoff Dakin…

This information packed report is for someone who thinks that their knee pain is something they need to live with, or for those who are experiencing knee pain that came on suddenly and you are wanting quick relief and help.

The “dull ache” that just won’t go away or the jabbing shooting pains that can literally bring you to your knees does not have to stop you from doing things that you love or limit you to only walking and standing for short periods.

Even the clicking in the knee, with or without pain, that can scare you away from certain movements or activities, this can leave you feeling that your only option is to put your life on hold, start taking pills and hope for the best!

For almost 30 years I have been helping people get past knee problems. I can promise you that no amount of the wrong medicine will make it better. “Resting” and painkillers is not a solution. Doing something that makes it feel better in the moment doesn’t make it better. Getting better is better.

I have grown increasingly frustrated at the number of people suffering needlessly, so I have written a report on 7 things most people can do to relieve knee pain, naturally. Now, I don’t know if the things I share with you in the report will relieve you of your knee pain completely and I can’t promise that what has worked for most of my clients over the years will also work for you. However, reading this report is a much better direction to go rather than spending another day “resting”, accepting it, masking it with medication, or thinking “I’m just getting older”.

If Your Knee Pain Is Affecting Your Work, Your Ability To Stay Active And Independent, And/Or Interferes With Your Family Leisure Time… Then You Really Need To Read This Free Report.

Stop and think for a minute. Will it really ‘get better on its own’? Wouldn’t it have done that already if it was going to? Imagine what your life will look like five years from now if you DON’T get a grip on your knee pain, NOW. How will it affect your job? Your self-worth and independence? Will you be a fun person to be with? Or, even to live with? Ok, you get my drift…

It is time to request my free tips report on knee pain… do that by calling my clinic at 403-452-5055 or by clicking the button below to confirm your details.

There is a limit of free copies of this report available – so take action and request your copy today!

Yours in health,

Geoff Dakin

Amazon bestselling author, former NHL Massage Therapist and Calgary’s leading biomechanical expert.

More About The Person You Will Be Helped By…

Geoff is a Registered Massage Therapist in Calgary who has been working in the acute injury/chronic pain treatment and athletic training field since 1989. He has 7 years of college and university training as well as countless hours of post-graduate continuing education. In 1991/92 Geoff worked and travelled in the NHL as a member of the training staff of the Vancouver Canucks.

From 1989 until 2002 Geoff was a member of the Massage Therapists Association of British Columbia (MTA of BC) and registered with the College of Massage Therapists of BC (CMT of BC). From 2002 until the end of September 2011, he owned and operated a massage therapy practice in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico called Body Mechanics Rehabilitation. While there his patients included professional athletes, music industry icons and Hollywood celebrities.

In October 2011 Geoff and his family moved to Canada and he began his practice at the Britannia Bodywork and Wellness Centre in Calgary, Alberta. After spending more than six years developing a collaborative network of internationally renowned practitioners in Calgary, including Dr. Jeff Scholten (NUCCA) and Dr. Curtis Westersund (DDS), Geoff opened Dakin Rehab.

In terms of his manual therapy, Geoff is primarily a Neuromuscular Therapist. He has found Neuromuscular Therapy to be an effective system for decreasing chronic muscle shortening, trigger points and pain. However, even the very best hands-on therapy is of limited value if not combined with a system of exercise that re-educates joint positioning and overall postural alignment. When a corrective exercise program is properly designed for you and faithfully carried out every day, your muscle balance and function is restored, and pain is diminished or eliminated. Geoff prescribes each patient’s corrective exercise program based on a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s unique alignment and movement patterns. Exercises are then taught in-person and supported with video demonstrations. This is a very user-friendly way for patients to continue practicing their exercise prescription at home.

There are neuromuscular therapists and there are corrective exercise experts, but almost nobody uses these two approaches together. Geoff has created his own proprietary blend of these two approaches that he calls the Alignment First Protocol©. In 2016 Geoff published an Amazon bestselling book called The Body Mechanic’s Handbook, in which he describes how to use the Alignment First Protocol© to solve chronic pain problems at home.

After working throughout North America for over 28 years, Geoff believes that the Alignment First Protocol© is the most effective way to help patients train their bodies out of pain producing postures, for lasting relief from chronic pain problems.

Geoff’s primary goal is to eliminate your pain, and show you how, together, you can get your life back.

“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Massage Therapy At Dakin Rehab And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY… In Just A Few Short Weeks”!