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I love using the Diers 4D Formetric Scanner to compare “before and after” scans. Nothing is more powerful to visually communicate the postural changes we bring about with the Alignment First Protocol©.

The first surface topography scan comparison I am featuring today is not typical. This is the most dramatic postural transformation I have seen so far. In all fairness, however, I’ve only been using the scanner for 2 months and these two scans are almost 7 weeks apart.

This particular patient has had chronic back, neck and knee pain for decades, including one knee replacement. In addition to seeing me she has recently restarted care with a NUCCA chiropractor. Do you think she is feeling a little bit better since the first scan was done in early December? You bet she is!

This second scan comparison is very typical. The scans are only one week apart and you can see that the spine and pelvis are clearly straighter in the second scan. However, when you look closely at the assessment numbers on the left side of the page you can see that not all of them are better in the second scan. Why aren’t they all improved? Re-educating posture takes time and some alignment characteristics tend to change easier and more quickly than others.

However, thankfully we don’t need all the alignment numbers to dramatically improve all at once to bring about improvement in symptoms. After only one week this patient reported feeling dramatic symptom improvements. Just imagine how much she will have improved after 12 weeks! She can already imagine being able to run again, when she had assumed that running would no longer be possible. No, she’s not out of the woods yet and there is still a lot of work to be done in order for her to reclaim the life she loves. But she’s off to a great start!

Don’t let your symptoms tell you what you your future is going to look like. Take charge and create the future that you want to have. If you are not living the life you want because of chronic pain, let’s get you in for a 15 minute discovery session. This is a complimentary opportunity for you to get scanned, see if we can identify a biomechanical cause of your pain and clarify whether or not you are a good candidate for care using the Alignment First Protocol©. Give me a call at 403.399.5716 to schedule a time.

Yours in health,

Geoff Dakin BPE RMT
Calgary Registered Massage Therapist

Geoff Dakin

Geoff Dakin

Registered Massage Therapist at Dakin Rehab
Geoff is a Registered Massage Therapist in Calgary who has been working in the acute injury/chronic pain treatment and athletic training field since 1989. He has 7 years of college and university training as well as countless hours of post-graduate continuing education. In 1991/92 Geoff worked and travelled in the NHL as a member of the training staff of the Vancouver Canucks.
Geoff Dakin

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